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Starts on 01/02/2024

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12 months

Designed for

Primary school teachers and leaders


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Our NPQLPM offers you a tailored programme of professional learning for the following:

  • Colleagues who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibility for leading maths across a primary key-stage or school.
  • Teachers familiar with mastery approaches to teaching primary maths, who want to improve leadership skills in this area.
  • Subject leaders in a school already engaged in the primary Teaching for Mastery programme or a similar programme.

Who is eligible for this programme?

Before applying for this NPQ, you should have a secure understanding of mastery approaches to teaching maths from the Teaching for Mastery programme, or an equivalent programme. This can be confirmed by your headteacher after registration with the DfE.

The programme will support you and your setting as follows:

  • Create professionally confident leaders who can build capacity in other teachers.
  • Grow the next generation of primary maths leaders with the skills and knowledge to use the evidence-base for the benefit of their settings and children.
  • Retain the best teaching and pastoral professionals who are excellent, collaborative role models for their schools and communities.
  • Inspire leaders who can develop strong whole school cultures of primary maths no matter the current circumstances of the setting they are working in.


In order to complete NPQLPM, you will be required to:

  • Attend all programme sessions.
  • Complete an implementation project based on your current work.
  • Complete the summative case study style assessment.


To support you in the completion of NPQLPM, our offer includes as standard:

  • An engaging curriculum which blends face-to-face, online and self-study and which exemplifies the DfE standard for teachers’ professional development.
  • A supportive facilitator and peer network.
  • Local cohort groups to reduce travel time.

Dates, times & locations of training sessions

February 2023 – January 2024 (12 months)

October 2023 – September 2024 (12 months)

Face-to-face sessions will be held mainly in Barnsley, Doncaster, Selby or Wakefield.

Programme Route Map coming soon


Our facilitators are expert teachers and proven leaders working in schools throughout the hub communities.

Next Steps

Apply now

Register for an NPQ with the DfE: Register for a National Professional Qualification ( and choose UCL when prompted during registration.

Applications are now open for Spring 2024.

UCL will send you an application form. Please choose Exchange Teaching Hub as your delivery partner when prompted on the form.

For further information: Download our flier on how to apply (click here) or visit UCL’s website here.

For an exploratory conversation about which NPQ is right for you, contact

Further Info

Eligibility and funding

Full scholarship funding, with no cost to the participant, for the NPQ for Leading Primary Mathematics is available to all teachers who meet the following criteria:

  • A secure understanding of mastery approaches to teaching maths from the Teaching for Mastery programme, or an equivalent programme.
  • Have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading mathematics in a school, key stage, or phase.
  • Work in a state funded school or setting.
  • Work in independent special schools.
  • Work in hospital schools.
  • Work in virtual schools.
  • Work in young offenders’ institutions.

The cost is £902 schools outside the scholarship criteria

Additional funding available

The DfE targeted support fund gives a grant payment of £200 per participant to settings with 1-600 pupils, for every teacher or leader they employ who participates in an NPQ.

Organisations that are eligible for NPQ scholarship funding will also be eligible for targeted support funding (providing they are a setting with 1-600 pupils), with the exception of non-school-based early years settings (group-based providers and childminders), virtual schools, hospital schools not already included in other categories of eligible organisations, and young offender institutions.

Please note that school/setting/self-funded applicants will not be eligible for targeted support funding

Current funding arrangements will continue during 2022-24.


Deferral or Withdrawal from an NPQ Programme

Only in exceptional circumstances may a participant request either a deferral or withdrawal from their programme. Participants should be aware that there is a process to follow which is outlined in UCL’s NPQ Deferral and Withdrawal Policy.

A participant considering withdrawal from an NPQ Programme should be aware that it is Department for Education Policy to only fund an NPQ course for a participant once. This means that a participant who starts a Department for Education funded NPQ course, and then withdraws from that course, will not be funded again for the same programme.