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NPQ Programmes

National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

Fully funded, flexible professional development courses for teachers and leaders to improve skills, progress careers and deliver improved outcomes for schools.

The closing date to join the Spring 2024 cohorts is the 18th January 2024

There are four leadership NPQs and five specialist NPQs

Exchange Teaching Hub delivers the full suite of NPQs. We run two NPQ cohorts per year starting in October and February and Exchange Teaching Hub are delighted to now be taking applications for 2023 – 2024.

We are also pleased to now offer the Early Headship Coaching Offer, available to headteachers in their first five years of headship that are doing or have completed the NPQH. For more information, please 🔗click here.

The DfE are working to expand the suite of reformed NPQs to include a leadership level NPQ for special educational needs co-ordinators. Exchange Teaching Hub will confirm the timescales once first delivery dates have been confirmed.

The DfE portal is now open for applications for a Spring 2024 start. Click the button below to begin your application on the DfE portal. The deadline for applications is 18th January 2024.
Alternatively, follow our ‘How to Apply’ guide below.

If you are applying for an NPQ and do not have a TRN, you will need to apply for one, 🔗click here for guidance on how to do this.

How to Apply:

1. Speak to your line manager

Talk to your line manager about joining an NPQ programme.

2. Register on the DfE Portal↗

Select University College London (UCL) as your Lead Provider.

3. Complete your application form

You’ll receive an application form. Complete it and choose Exchange Teaching Hub as your delivery partner.

Leadership NPQs:

Headship (NPQH) ↗

Find out more

Specialist NPQs: